Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Yet Another Negilahn Visit

Hadn't intended to be home around 9am for the next opening, but I'd left an important file at home and had to run home from work around 8:30. Coincidence, I swear! But as long as I was home... Logged in, went to Negilahn. About 5 minutes to 9, the glittery music starts. This time, I was on the correct level and saw the 'portal' appear -- a trace of twinkly lights, tracing out the shape of the symbol that you touch in the Bahro cave, a partial, doubled-back spiral.

My question this time was: when I appeared back in the cave, could I touch the symbol and bring the floating stone back from Relto? (The way you could return the totem poles from the original four Uru ages.) Answer: no. The symbol on the wall doesn't respond to touch. Nothing to do but fall through again. The floating stone is still there on Relto.

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