Thursday, March 1, 2007

Now to Negilahn

Cursory glance at UruObsession forum revealed that a new age had been released, and that a new 'sparkly' was available. is it cheating to learn of new content this way? the game designers must realize that the hardcore players are checking such sites; mightn't they decide to rely on their interaction? furthermore, if a player *didn't* learn of new content this way, how would they ever stumble across it? spend every day going through all the ages they've been to already, again and again?

for instance, the new 'sparkly' was listed in the uru library to be in eder gira, near the waterfall. how would one ever come across it without endless re-walking of ages? i was lucky i got earlier sparkly, because it's said to be gone. the new one puts a second 'lamp' on my island compass rose. for players who started earlier, it's the third lamp. i missed the first one, released in january only; got the second only by a day or two. does this mean only the earliest players can complete this feature...?

what i didn't want to know was where or how the new age would be revealed. i decided to track down the last two or three power markers i needed, and consulted the list in the library, which revealed that the museum was now open, with one of the pm's there (as it was in the original game).

(note: the way to get into a private version of the city, i realized, is to link to the gallery from the city book in relto -- not to the city via any of the nexus links. are there other ways?)

entering the museum, i found the pm, and saw an open book on one of the stands -- the new age. (after visiting it once, the book is on the shelf in relto.)

It's called Negilahn (Nigelahn? no), and so far is a classic Myst world mystery setting. you appear inside a large metal chamber on the second of three levels, with ladders between the levels. there are several windows looking out into a jungle. some windows have buttons before them, and on the lower level are four more buttons and large power switch. throwing the switch turns lights on, inside and outside. pressing the buttons by the windows seems to do nothing. pressing the buttons near the power switch causes animal sounds to be heard -- are you activating microphones from outside, or broadcasting sounds to attract real animals?

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