Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Another Negilahn Try

The forum noted that a new Relto page had been found -- or refound -- in the Great Zero courtyard, for an imager. Went there, got it. What does the imager do? Don't know. Don't remember there being an imager in the original game. It looks like the two imagers in Bevin by the balcony overlooking the lake. As you approach, the blue KI symbol glows briefly, but nothing else responds or can be activated.

Also checked the prospective times for the portal opening in Negilahn, having in the back of my mind that there would be one Wednesday morning sometime. I discovered that was true, but also -- backing up 15 hrs and 45 min -- there was about to be one around 6:15 pm my time. So I worked a bit, then logged into the game around quarter to 6 and hung out. On the lower level. Sure enough, I hear the music -- about 5 minutes early, at 6:10 -- and look around, expecting the 'hatch' in the floor of the lower level to open up, or something. No... climbed upstairs, saw the twinkly lights on the second level, at the link-in point... just as they were disappearing. So I missed it! Hmph. Well, that explains why the previous time, I appeared in the middle of the twinkly lights just as I linked in...

Thinking more, I realized that the interval, 15h45m, is just short of 16 hours, or 2/3 of a day. Which is to say, every three of those intervals is just a bit less than 2 days. So that if the portal opened 6:10 on Tuesday, and 5:45 or so on Sunday, then two days before that, Friday, was... Maybe the music I heard while manipulating buttons, and being interrupted by the phone call, *was* the portal opening, and I missed it then too. Or is my calculation of the timings off? Wasn't that about 6:40 Friday evening...?

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