Friday, March 2, 2007

Did Something Happen?


Spent more time in Negilahn pod (as they seem to be calling it; apparently there are others) pressing combinations of buttons to see if anything happened. discovered that each button turns on a particular animal sound -- and each sound is loudest at one in particular of the four large speakers. power stayed on indefinitely while pressing one button at a time, then two buttons, etc. ran around to windows checking in between each change of buttons; saw nothing. don't know what, if anything, caused the large animal to appear last time.

Each button separately caused nothing, so then i did 1&2, then 1&3, then 1&4. Then 2&4. Just as i'd turned 1 off and 2 on, i thought i heard some music cue come on, as if Something Significant had been triggered--but my phone rang. Had to answer. but the time i looked back, nothing was happening in the game. did i miss something??

Tried same sequence of buttons again, but nothing.

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