Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wandering Around

Day off today, though spent only couple hours in Uru. Nothing new in Eder--no one there. Spent time wandering around the city, looking for the power markers. Discoveries: the gallery from Kadish is now accessible from the outside area where the balcony is partly destroyed. And both the museum and library buildings are *not* accessible, as they were earlier.

Found 12 of 15 needed power markers. (They seem to be in the same locations as before, but not all of them.) Lag time significant, since city is a shared area. Once got stuck in the gallery, simply couldn't open door, had to Relto out and return.

Went briefly to Kadish and to Teledahn, the latter via a stonecloth in the former, where you find the dock page for Relto on an exterior boardwalk that's cut off in each direction. (What would it be if you went to Teledahn directly?)

Chatter in city indicates people arrange 'Eder runs', getting a group of explorers together to synchronize touching the spiral cloths and opening the portal.

Glancing at forum topics, saw one post that claimed he did Eder with only 2 people, himself and daughter. No one talking about whether they could do it alone.

Also no indication that, aside from the two smallish Eder areas with spiral cloth puzzles, there's much other new content, yet. Did see a topic (did not read) claiming to list all the new features in the existing areas, but this seemed to mean things like doors that do or don't open, not major new areas.

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