Monday, February 19, 2007

Open Questions

later 19Feb07:

Went back Relto and used the book to the Cleft, decided to work through it to see if anything was different. Apparently not; you release the windmill; you touch the seven journey-cloths (one of which only appears when Yeesha gives her speech); you open the portal and descend into the 'tree'. Now on the pedestal instead of finding the book to Relto (as in the original Uru), you find one of those extra pages for your Relto book that enables a new feature--this one being, the full set of four pillars. You automatically go back to Relto, and now the four pillars are there as in the original Uru (and a book about them is present on the right-side shelf in the cabin).

Today at lunch went to own Bevin and then used book to the new Eder (Edo? hmm) -- now there all alone. Can it be played alone or together, depending on which book you use to access the age--from which Bevin? That would make sense; open question.

In the new Eder, initially touching a cloth turns it on, touching it again turns it off. There are seven clothes, in no particular arrangement.

Touching the spiral symbol on the portal door causes it to turn slowly, and glow in portions and sequence. There are apparently seven portions, from a single dot in the center, to the entire symbol. After running through a sequence several times, it shuts itself off and turns back to its starting position.

After this has been done, touching one of the cloths turns it on, but then it slowly fades off.

Touching the spiral symbol again triggers a *different* sequence of partial illuminations. Re-touching it part-way through cycles it back, so it keeps going. (verify this)

Hypothesis for this puzzle is: you need to touch the portal symbol, read off the *sequence* of partial illuminations, and while it's running, touch the cloths in the same sequence--but you'd have to guess which cloths correspond to which portion. Number them 1 thru 7? You may have to renew the portal symbol part way thru, if you can't run around to activate all the cloths in the time allotted. This would make it like the power room puzzle in Gahreesen, and a little like the pressure plate puzzle in Teledahn.

But--does anything happen if you simply activate all the cloths to begin with, when you first arrive, before touching the portal? Could try next time.

Also today, used link to Great Zero briefly. Activating the device there turns on 15 'power marker' indicators on your Ki, requiring you to run around the find corresponding power markers. Why should it be necessary to do this?

Open questions:
> can the new ages be played alone or together?
> is it in any way necessary to play the four original ages in order to progress through the new ones?
> why is a link provided to the Great Zero? (seems to lead to merely replaying part of the original game)
> is there any overall 'story' to the new ages -- the way the original Uru involved freeing the Bahro, returning light to the cavern, etc --? (may well be there isn't -- since the whole idea of uru live is that it's open-ended and indefinitely expandable.)
> what's the difference between an 'age player' and a 'neighbor'? why is 'nano' my neighbor?
> is it possible to play any part of the game without being online and logged into gamespot? [after all, it seems to be installed locally]
> will any of the new ages *require* interaction with other players? or can they be figured out alone?

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