Saturday, February 24, 2007

Four in One Minute

Eder tsogal: able to tag four of the spiral cloths in the time (1 minute) before the timer runs out. confirmed that the cloth at the top of the stairs is #2, because when pressing cloths in correct order, bolts around the circumference of the portal light up.

City: wandered around, discovered more power markers. discovered a ledge around the library i'd not previously seen -- was it there in original game? -- though it didn't lead anywhere. noticed library door does open intermittently, but couldn't get through, though a couple others did. found initial set of 15 markers, returned to great zero room and discharged them. this adds nexus link to the outer calibration room -- where you find one more marker, but otherwise doors that don't open.

Online forum indicates only 25 of total 30 power markers are yet available. as i recall, collecting all markers gains access to calibration room, and eventually turning on power in cavern. how would this work in shared game environment?

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