Monday, February 26, 2007


City: returned to library, doors open automatically on approach, just fine. was saturday's problem a lag issue because of so many other players there? one power marker inside, nothing else.

Eder: went to Eder from shared bevin, but no one else there.

Stonecloths [i.e. Bahro stones]: some lead to the various dead end areas (balconies, etc) where power markers can be found. started compiling a list. went to own teledahn book, played opening of game (turning on power tower, riding cable car to top, entering doug sharper's office).

... Don't remember, how is rooftop in city accessed? (There were 2 pm's there)
Where were other stonecloths? One in 2nd Gahreesen building conference room? One in initial Kadish area. One at end of Teledahn, in the shadows. was there one at end of gahreesen, in prison cell? There must have been one in Eder, where was it? (On ledge near firefly area?) May be confusing these with locations of Relto cloths.

Leading to open question: does Uru Live require player to step through all of original four worlds, if only to access stonecloths to find all the power markers?

As far as i can tell, only options currently in game are to 1) wander around and collect power markers, even though this won't result in anything because they're not all yet available; 2) gang up with 'friends' to do spiral cloth puzzles in two new Eder areas... even though i've seen no hint doing these results in anything past that, or new.

Despite which, glancing at forum topics (without reading posts, to avoid crude spoilers) suggests numerous topics unrelated to either of these.

Might be useful (and would hardly be cheating) to read walkthroughs of earlier uru game, just to refresh where things were and what outcome of various tasks was....

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